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World 2020

Below are my predictions for how the world is going to look like in 2020 :

1. Electric cars would form more than 75% of all cars on the roads in Europe and more than 60% in the US. However gasoline production remains at the same level and we continue to pollute more.

2. Man would have landed on Mars.

3. Voice commands become an integral feature of Windows. The keyboard will still be around but the mouse will be replaced by touchpads integrated into the keyboard.

4. Stem cell therapy becomes mainstream. Humans would have almost all body parts replaceable.
5. Weather patterns – autumn, spring, winter and summer would vanish. World weather becomes unpredictable.

6. Telecommunication will become free.

7. Mobiles get replaced by inside-the-body SIM cards. They allow the person to be in touch with everybody across the planet 24×7.

8. We will still searching for ET’s without any success.

9. Emergence of mega-corporations as nation states – with turnovers more than most countries. Employees begin to turn more loyal to the company than to the country of origin.

10. LCD screen as thin as paper charts become part of everyday life. They replace TV’s, monitors and other similar visual communication devices.

What Do You Think ?

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  1. Jon Peltier wrote:

    1, 4, 6 – You’re dreaming.
    3, 10 – Probably right.
    2, 8 – Maybe, but who cares?
    5 – We’ll still have seasons, and the weather patterns will probably become more extreme.
    7 – You men like smart RF tags? I don’t think we’ll have USB ports for our brains yet.
    9 – Employee loyalty? It’ll continue to erode as the megacorps steamroll over their workers. I suspect we’ll see the freelancing trend increase to support these behemoths.

  2. Ajay wrote:

    || John – In 1998 I remember paying 5 times the present rates (and not adjusting for inflation) for use internet services/hr in a cafe. 12 years from now, I am still willing to have a long term bet that telecommunication would be extremely cheap or practically free 🙂 Like always, thanks and you’re very welcome.


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