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Top 10 Tips to Increase Blog Views and Traffic

If you have been wondering how to increase blog views for your blog, the following tips can come in handy. Mind you, the two most important factors to increase your blog views are – great content and large number of good quality links from other blogs to yours. If you can achieve both of these, rest should be easy to manage.

Increase blog views by writing good content on your blog

As they say – content is king. Most people search the net for a purpose – either for specific information or for something interesting. When they reach your blog and if they like what they read and if it was helpful, they’ll come back for more. Nothing helps you increase your blog views as much as giving people what they want. Keep it interesting, fresh and informative and you will succeed.

Choose the correct blog CMS that allows better indexing by search engines

A proper content management system is a must for your blog. Nothing is more frustrating putting a few hours of effort every week writing great stuff that doesn’t attract any readership for your blog. Fortunately there a number of platforms out there nowadays that can help you achieve this task. You can try WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, and Movabletype.I can’t over emphasize the importance of a good blogging platform in increasing the traffic for your blog. A good CMS will save you a ton of time while composing and publishing your posts, will allow your great control over management of images, videos and other content, present all of these with proper and valid HTML/XHTML syntax helping a search engine index your pages properly and allow your blog to take advantage of future changes that may take place.

Be the first – the early blogger gets all the views

If you are the first one to write on a topic, you will be the first one to feature in a search engine. This will increase both the viewership for your blog and the number of people who would want to link to your post. Some of the blogs that I know were the first ones on that topic and even years after the last post was published, tend to command a high page rank. And believe me, there is still a lot of stuff out there to be written.

Allow people to subscribe using a number of bookmarking sites and get more traffic for your blog

Although estimations of how big the impact usually is vary, generally, allowing users to bookmark your post is a good idea. One there’s no harm in it and you lose nothing if it does not work out. Secondly, it can be done without too much of an effort as there a number of site and tools available that facilitate this. And lastly, just incase your posts gets featured prominently on one of those popular bookmarking sites, your blog’s viewership can shoot through the roof.

Choose a specific category or topic to blog about

Now this is more from the perspective of how Google indexes blogs. If you have a large and already established site (say wikipedia for example), anything that posted there will tend to automatically get a prominent listing in a search engine. For the lesser mortals, it is always a good idea to select a niche and write about topics related to it. I am not saying that you should never write about anything else, but a healthy concentration of related keywords and links allows google to know that you are a ‘specialist’ in that ‘field’. Anything you say on a topic related to your category will get more weightage and consequently more blog views than something similar posted in a more fragmented blog. (Ok, agreed this post is not a good example – but anyway)

Be patient and be regular

There are no easy shortcuts to success, at least not anymore!!! There was a time people could get away with misusing keywords and links, and that still happens but search engines have generally become a lot smarter than in the past. The only way left is be patient and be regular. Think of it like a retirement plan, you would be able to accumulate a lot more over a period of 10 years than you would be over 10 months. And the returns that you generate from the former are going to consequently going to be much larger. blogs also work the same way, you can build up a great repository of useful stuff over a period of time but doing that in a few months may not be entirely possible under normal circumstances. A plus point in being regular is that you may write about 10 different things and 9 may not make any impact but the one that does, can bring in a lot of traffic to your blog and boost up your rankings immensely. I said, one out of 10. I did not say which one!!!

Inter-link posts on your blog – weave a web for a generating more views

Research has proven that it’s so much easy to hold onto existing visitors that get new ones. Once you have visitors coming to your blog, you should entice them by offering interesting stuff from you blog. Say you just wrote a great article about designing a new website and which is attracting a lot of views. Letting those visitors move away after reading that single post is an opportunity missed. Show them what else you have written about. Link to other articles that you have written on web designing and showcase those links prominently. Squeeze every hit that you get for your blog.

Leave comments on other’s blog when you visit them

Leaving comments on others blog’s is the easier part, doing it on a regular basis is more difficult. On an average, a net surfer would come across a few dozen blogs and comments a day. Firstly, when you leave a meaningful comment on someone’s blog, they are bound to come back and check out yours. Secondly, leaving a useful comment on a popular blog can get readers from that blog to view your blog too. Remember, comments stay on most blogs for a long time. They help search engines and readers to find your blog, many times over a period of couple of year. If you can, take a few minutes and scribble something useful.

Be bold – people love viewing blogs that have a point to make

Nothing helps increase your blog viewership than a good ol’ controversy or a scandal J Even if you don’t have the inside scoop on the next big one, you can still be vocal on the topics that you feel strongly about. A strong opinion is almost always a good thing – if people like what you wrote, they’ll come back for more and if they don’t like it, they will write against it, hopefully developing nice interlinks between your blog and theirs. On the other hand a lackluster post about a topic is sure to get you neither.

The final tip to increasing your blog views

Be exclusive. Make a niche for yourself. Build a brand. Interact freely, send emails, reply back to comments, share personal experiences, be funny, be human, get a unique logo – in short – let the readers know that they are welcome to your blog and their readership inspires you to write good content.

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