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The Presidential Race with the Halloween Twist

There has been ample supply of opinion polls and charts regarding the US presidential elections. I’ve been guilty of using Google Trends on this blog earlier. But over the past few days and weeks, the 24×7 in-you-face coverage of dresses, speeches, daughters/family, grand-fathers, great-great-great-grandfathers and anybody remotely in the vicinity of the candidates, has pushed me to a point where I am almost wishing that the election takes place over the weekend be spared the remaining weeks.

However a recent story in the economist is worth mentioning (Sales of Halloween masks, and other tat, predict election results in America). There have been attempts in the past to correlate the drop in sales of lipsticks to a likely downturn in the economy and other amusing ways of looking at things.

I quote, “Purveyors of Halloween masks of presidential candidates take a ghoulish glee in claiming that they have accurately predicted the winner of the past seven elections: he who sells most, wins.”

And talk about being accurate – Barack Obama masks are outselling those of John McCain by 54% to 46% – pretty much in the same ballpark as many of the opinion polls have indicated this week.

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