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The late night ride home

The autorickshaw dropped me home. I was returning from a late night show having spent a few hundred bucks on a dinner and movie ticket. The meter read 11 rupees. I asked him if he had change for 50. He didn’t. He offered to let go 1 and settle for 10.

Here I was. Probably earning 100 times that this guy was earning. There would be days that he would go hungry. And yet he was willing to happily let go 10% of his earning just so that he didn’t have to wait and could go and get some more work rather than waiting for me to return with the change. What is it people with the least material wealth that lets them not worry too much about money. My newspaper guy does not worry if he doesn’t get his payment for 60 days. My milk delivery guy hands me over the bill as much as 15 days after due. My maid never asks for payment. And now this autorickshaw guy….

I gave him 20 bucks and a pat on the back. He does better than I do.

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  1. Rakesh Agarwal wrote:

    Indeed, I have noticed too that the people with the least earning capacity are the most generous lot.

  2. Ajay wrote:

    I agree a 100%. Contrast that with the behavior of some of the CEO’s on Wall St ……… Thanks for visiting and appreciate the work you’re doing.


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