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The Funniest Cartoons on Screen !!!

I confess that I am a big fan of animated movies. They make me laugh. Here is a list of the cartoon characters that I find the most amusing.


The roach

Movie :


Why: Just look at the roach! PIXAR has taken care to ensure that he does everything that roaches are known to do and yet make you laugh. Just look at his antenna curled backwards. Even the body is sloped in a curve :-))) My my….when wall-E went over him, you could hear a pin-drop in the theatre. When he stood back up, everybody was in splits………

Character :

King Julian (Lemur)

Movie :


Voice over: Leslee Feldman
Why: Noting great about the appearance ….. downright ugly I’d say. What set it apart was the voice over by Leslee Feldman which I consider one of the funniest in recent times. You’ve just got to hear him say, “Welcome giant pansies. Feel free to bask in my glow. After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have made the fan page thing and to make you feel good, I am going to put lots of pictures of me on it….”

Character :

Scrat (The Squirrel)

Movie :

The Ice Age

Why: Pure antics. The hyper-obsessive squirrel keeps on chasing the Walnut against impossible odds. Melting glaciers, Piranhas, Monsters…you name it. Hanging by the skin of its teeth (literally), it just made the audience explode.

I’ll keep adding to the list as I go

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