Treemap Add-In For Excel – Treemap Software Demo

Treemaps are an interesting way to look at data. Here is the first preview of the treemap add-in for excel. Being a demo, the number of data points are limited to 50. Here the a demo file containing the treemap add-in for Excel. (The demo treemap version is limited to a maximum of 50 rows and is meant for evaluation purpose only. The full version does not contain this restriction.) ...

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Treemap Add-In For Excel - Treemap Software Demo

Treemap in Excel – Coming Soon

Posted on 24 December 2009

Treemap in Excel - Coming Soon
Its been a few days since I posted. In case you were wondering what I was up to - yours truly was busy coding a program to create treemaps in Excel. Treemaps are interesting creatures. You can pack a few thousand data points in a single treemap and utilize just about the same space as any of the traditional charts. The term 'treemap', as we see it being used nowadays, actually refers to the inward growing members of the treemap ...
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