Sparklines in Excel – New Features in Excel 2010 Series

Excel 2010 introduces a new feature called sparklines. Sparklines are essentially miniature charts showing only the plot and pretty much nothing else (though you can turn on chart axis if you want). The advantages are obvious. In the same amount of space that it to present a normal excel chart with a handful of data points, you can pack a dozen or more sparkline charts. If used intelligently, the data loss due to absence ...

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Sparklines in Excel - New Features in Excel 2010 Series

Chart Table – When Chart meets Table

Posted on 15 September 2009

Chart Table - When Chart meets Table
Chart table - as the name suggests - is a beautiful fusion of a chart and a table giving rise to a visually appealing yet information rich presentation of data. Not that the concept itself is anything new - experts have openly and vociferously championed the cause of the chart table, its various facets have been discussed at length in numerous forums and the latest versions of excel come equipped with tools that further aid their creation (namely sparklines). However ...
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In Cell Charts in Excel

Posted on 23 May 2009

In Cell Charts in Excel
An in cell chart in excel is a chart that has been reduced to fit in a single cell. In cell charts have been around for a long time but have gained significance in the past few years as projects and companies become more complex forcing analysts to pack more information per inch and more importantly, per second of the decision makers time. In this article we will discuss quick ...
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