Remove Background Tool in Office – Results from the Test Drive

The remove background tool is one of the new features introduced in Office 2010. Ever since I downloaded the public beta, I've been itching to take it for a test drive and this weekend, I did just that. I tried my hands at two images - one with high and the other with low contrast. So let's look at the results Remove Background from a High Contrast Image ...

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Remove Background Tool in Office - Results from the Test Drive

Funny Side Up – I

Posted on 28 June 2009

Funny Side Up - I
What was meant to be a leisurely stroll with my more-expensive half along the beachfront yesterday, turned into half an hour of soaking in the rain followed by about 2 hours of journey back home. While on the way back, I saw a man helping a blind old woman onto the train carriage. A few minutes into the journey, as the station approached, she began walking towards the exit door. Fearing that she could miss her step and hurt herself, I ...
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