Change in Position – Which Chart Should I Use?

As an analyst, I often need to keep track of the change in position of various players in the industry. More often than not, the position change needs to be tracked between two specific points in time - say quarter 1 vs. quarter 2 or perhaps year 1 vs. year 2. In this article we take a look at a few alternative approaches to plotting position changes and find out which one serves us best. ...

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Change in Position - Which Chart Should I Use?

Excel Chart Types – Basic

Posted on 31 August 2008

Excel Chart Types - Basic
These are some basic chart types in Excel. You can play around with these by downloading the file here. Stephen Few, Data visualization Guru and author, mentions a few rules for creating charts on his website PerceptualEdge. Some good reads are: Practical rules for using colors in charts Godin’s Silly Rules for Great Graphs Stephan has, over the years, written on many facets of presenting data ...
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