Prepare Dashboard Using Excel : Shortcuts in Excel

Also useful would be to arm yourself with some shortcuts, they can be a ton of help when working with large amounts of data. The idea is to just work with the keyboard without having to use the mouse….things work much faster that way.

Basic (and necessary)
Cut Ctrl + x
Copy = Ctrl + c
Paste = Ctrl + v
Minimize all = WinKey + m
Move to first row = Home
Move to last row = End
Ctrl + 1 = To open up the cell format box
Ctrl + A = Select the entire sheet. (If doing it once selects only part of the data, repeat once more)
(This can also be achieved by clicking on the button at the intersection of column and row headers)
Ctrl + S = Save
Ctrl + F = Find
Ctrl + H = Replace
Ctrl + Z = Undo previous action
Ctrl + Y = Redo previous action
Move forward to next worksheet = Ctrl + PageDownKey
Move backward to previous worksheet = Ctrl + PageUpKey
Right Click = RightClickKey (:-))


    Working with rows and columns

Shift + Spacebar = Select entire row
Ctrl + Spacebar = Select entire column
Also once an entire row or column is selected, pressing Ctrl + + will add a row or a column while Ctrl + – will delete it.
Ctrl + Up arrow = Jump to the top of the column *
Ctrl + down arrow = Jump to the bottom of the column *
Ctrl + Right arrow = Jump to the beginning of the row *
Ctrl + Left arrow = Jump to the ending of the row *


To turn Auto Filters on and off = Press Alt+D. Keeping Alt pressed, leave D and press F. Leve all keys and press enter. (If you know a direct shortcut, please leave a comment)
To view a filter list = Alt+DownArrow

    Working with files

File Open = Crtl + o
Single File Close = Alt + F. Keeping Alt pressed, leave F and press X
All Files Close = Ctrl + F4
New File = Ctrl + n
Move to next application = WinKey + Tab

    Working with a cell

F2 = Get into a cell
And once you are in a cell,
Ctrl + Right arrow = Jump a word towards right
Ctrl + Left arrow = Jump a word towards left

Trust me…they may seem a lot but it’s worth every minute you spend memorizing these. They can cut down the time you spend on working with excel substantially.

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