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Opera study: Only 4.13% of the web is standards-compliant

By Ryan Paul | Published in

Browser maker Opera has published the early results of an ongoing study that aims to provide insight into the structure of Internet content. Major highlights are:

1. Adobe Flash is used on roughly 35 percent of all web sites.

2. The XMLHttpRequest scripting mechanism, one of the cornerstones of Ajax, is used on roughly 3.2 percent of the indexed web sites. So Ajax is growing, though not commesurate to the hype surrounding it.

3. The study found that cascading stylesheets (CSS) are very widely used, and appear inline or referenced on 80 percent of the sites indexed by MAMA.

4. Most importantly, the results show that only 4.13 percent of the pages indexed were W3C’s compliant. Only 3.4 percent of pages created with Adobe Dreamweaver were valid. 50 percent of sites that display a badge touting validation are actually not valid.

You can read the entire story here

I wonder what would have been the results if Microsoft had carried out the study instead….

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