Opera Anyone ?

Looks like I am not the only one suffering from browse fatigue. Excel guru Dick Kusleika recently made the shift from Firefox to Chrome and he wasn’t very impressed. I myself have been fiddling around with various browsers lately. Right before my earlier computer gave up the ghost and I shifted on to the new one, I had been hell bent on squeezing out the last remaining ounce of performance from it. With 256 MB of some very unreliable RAM and a modest AMD Duron processor, even simple tasks like browsing were a challenge at times. So one day when Internet Explorer crashed right after I had written a part of a particular post, I decided to give Firefox a try. Firefox ran well … atleast for the first few days and then its RAM hogging tendencies started to show up. While I was thankful for the spell checker and stability, if I were running Firefox, it was the only application my processor would let me run without going molasses.

Enter Chrome. A slightly different look and feel but I was willing to live with it if it delivered the goods. However Chrome again, just like Firefox, bloated after a few weeks of usage. Clearing the temporary files folder did not help and the time to start-up was driving me crazy. Internet Explorer for all its drawbacks, comes up really fast (that it takes eons to render a website after showing up is a different story altogether !! ).

So I googled for ‘fastest browser’ and Opera was listed in the first few results. Now by this time I was willing to give anything a try, even Opera. An 11 MB executable and a 2 minute install later, I had a smile on my face. Opera is fast and has remained so even after a few months of usage. Of all four IE, Opera, FF and Chrome, Opera is by far the fastest to render a website. It is faster starting up than Firefox and Chrome but slightly slower than IE. It has tabbed browsing, resizable tabs, tabs previewing, speed dialing, download counter, password storage, expandable panels, spell checker, inbuilt search engine box and pretty much all that I would need for blogging and surfing. And I am sure there are a ton of other features that I am not even aware of since I go by just fine using only ones listed above.

My own ‘in-depth’ research has let me to believe that I fall in the tiny 1.57% portion of web surfers who use Opera. But then this number in reality could very well be lower since a lot of those visits may just be my own 🙂 It could, in all likelihood, perhaps be even lower since this is an Excel blog and Linux users would be under-represented. Either ways, I will continue to stick with Opera although IE remains a useful 2nd in line.

I am just wondering if there are others who’ve used Opera? What’s your experience been like?

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