Making pivot tables move in tandem

While working with multiple pivot tables, one often encounters a situation where multiple pivot tables are created with the same underlying set of data. In such cases, you may want to have the ability to simply select a value from a single drop-down and have all the pivot tables reflect that change.

A small piece of code can be used to achieve this. It uses the PivotTable.PivotFields().PivotItems attribute to check if the value selected by the user exists in each of the pivot tables and if yes, resets it to reflect the selection. You can download the file here

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  1. cristina wrote:

    Could be possible to choose several options? instead of one
    for example:
    Mike &

  2. Ajay wrote:

    That should be possible thru VBA. You can look at some sample code here and though it is not exactly what you would want, it will be a starting point. The simplest way would be record a macro and then let just modify it.



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