Make excel calculate faster – Quick tip

If you want to make your large excel workbook calculate faster and have about 10 seconds of time on your hands, use this trick.

1. Open the workbook and select the spreadsheet with the largest number of formulas (or data).

2. While keeping the ‘Ctrl’ key pressed, press ‘End’.

3. Check the cell address that the cursor has moved to.

4. If the cursor is well beyond the last cell that had a formula or some data in it, Excel is probably using a much larger range over which it is trying to recalculate its dependencies.

5. Identify the last cell actually used and delete all rows and columns to the right and bottom of that cell. Use Shift + Spacebar to select an entire row and Ctrl + – to delete it. Similarly press Ctrl + Spacebar to select a complete column and then Crtl + – to delete it.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each worksheet in the workbook.

7. Save the workbook.

Well that’s it. Read more about speeding up calculation and performance of you excel spreadsheets here. You may also want to visit the mvps article on speeding up excel.

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