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House of Quality Template in Excel

You can download the house of quality template in excel here. House of quality is a graphic tool analyzing the relationship between a firm’s focus on improvement and the needs of its customers.It is a part of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD). Visually, it looks like a grid with a correlation matrix at its top and left side. The customer needs vs the firm’s product features form the main body of the house of quality. Using this template in excel, you can easily modify and add new elements as per your need.


The House of Quality can be used as a stand alone tool to analyze a specific problem or it can be used as a part of a more complex system in the form of a four stage Quality Function Deployment project:

1. Customer requirements to product characteristics
2. Product characteristics to part characteristics
3. Part characteristics to process targets
4. Process targets to production targets

For this four stage process, you will have to use four House of quality worksheets in the attached excel workbook. A point to note is that while using the house of quality in a project with moderate to advanced complexity, you may actually have to insert more rows and columns to this excel template.

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