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Excel to PDF Converters – List of Free Downloads

Ever wondered how do you convert your excel spreadsheets in to the PDF format? Here are a few tools (mostly free though some are free only during the trail period) that can help you convert from excel to the PDF format (.xls to .pdf).



ExpressPDF is a website based online excel to pdf conversion tool. You will need to submit the document to be converted on the website and provide your e-mail ID on which the converted document will be sent. You can select the output pdf quality by choosing either optimized for screen, ebook or for printing. This one is completely free.

PDF 995

PDF 995 (2.1 MB) is a small yet powerful driver that converts a host of document formats including the excel (.xls) format into the acrobat pdf format. It’s completely free however once the conversion process is completed, the tool will open up a sponsors page using your browser. In case you’d want to use the professional version, you can buy the license for $ 10.00.

Universal Document Converter

The Universal Document Converter is a free utility (16.1 MB) that can help you convert your excel files in the acrobat pdf format. The free version adds a watermark to the converted files and if you can live with that, give it a try. (Retail price $69 for a single user.)

Excel to PDF Converter 3

Excel to PDF Converter 3 can be downloaded from CNET. Works for Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows 98. It has a 30 day trial period. (Retail price $49 for a single user.)

PDFcamp Printer

PDFcamp Printer has a 30 day trial period and supports custom resolutions. It also has the batch printing option in case you have multiple spreadsheet documents that you would like to convert into pdf format in one go. It detects and processes portrait and landscape pages automatically. (Retail price $30.)

Excel/Xls to Pdf Converter

Excel/Xls to Pdf Converter 5.6 is another tool (3.4 MB) that can help you convert xls, xlsx, xlsm, txt, htm, html to pdf formats. You can convert multiple sheets in to a single document. (Retail price $50.)

pdfmachine allows you to convert xls to pdf format. The finished documents can be magnified upto 800% without loss of clarity. (Retail price $29.00 per license)

Click to Convert

Click to Convert(8 MB) supports batch processing of documents into PDF and HTML. You can simply drag a group of excel files onto the Click to Convert window to convert them in the pdf format at the same time. It has a 30 days trial period. (Retail price $129.00 per license)

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