Features of Excel Flowchart

Excel Flowchart 1.0 for Excel is feature packed. Read on.

Making flowcharts in Excel made easy

Make a flowchart by simply entering the steps in an Excel spreadsheet. No need worry about creating specific shapes or draggin connectors around. Just a single click and the software does the job for you. The flowchart generated by Excel Flowchart 1.0 is neatly laid out in a new excel spreadsheet. You can even copy steps from a normal text document or Microsoft word and paste those steps in the worksheet and the software will use those steps to create a new flow chart.

Excel Flowchart 1.0 ensures that your flowcharts follow good flowcharting principles. The shapes are labeled neatly and are automatically aligned to grid which means that you can easily move around and reposition your steps without ‘snapping’ anything.

By placing the specific steps and the actual flowchart diagram on different sheets, the tool ensures that you have access to both the plain text format of the flowchart and the actual flowchart diagram. These can then be individually sent to other people for review or implementation.

Excel Flowchart 1.0 essentially eliminates most of the mundane steps involved in the creation of a flowchart such as dragging and dropping objects. Once you’ve entered the steps of the flowchart, all you need to do is to click a button. The result is a near instantaneous flowchart with all your steps and connections properly laid out in a new worksheet.

No need to enter specific symbols for every step

You don’t need to enter any symbols for the flowchart to know what shape to pick. All you need to do is to specify what step to connect to.document-steps-of-the-flowchart-workflow Depending upon whether the outcome is Boolean (“Yes” or a “No”) or otherwise, the software will change the shape accordingly. What’s more you can now enter as many connectors to any step as you wish. The utility will also automatically ensure that the start and the end points of the flowchart have proper shapes. At present it works with only three shapes – start/end, decision box and a normal flowchart step. But we will continue to add more features to the program.

Develop flowchart in simple steps over time

move-flowchart-steps-with-easeOften times procedures and processes evolve gradually over a period of time. With Excel Flowchart 1.0, You can now create, modify and edit a flow chart document in simple incremental steps. If you make a change to the flowchart diagram, the software knows it and does not overwrite the change. So now you can incrementally develop the flowchart in simple steps along the way without having to worry about overwriting or deleting any of the previous steps. This also means that you can go back and easily edit your flowchart anytime you want. You can also do all the other things that you would normally do with an excel sheet – enter formulas, add/delete rows and columns and color various objects.

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