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Chart Label Trick – Label Last Point in a Line Chart and Offset Axis Crossover

Kaiser (Junkcharts) posted this line chart sometime back. A recreated chart is shown below where labels have been added to last point of each series in the chart. If you noticed, the labels have also been enhanced to show both the series name and the value of the data point. Lastly, the Y Axis of the chart has been offsetted to crossover at the last category.


The benefits are obvious – the reader does not have to move between the legend and the chart nor does he/she have to make a guess about the value of the most recent data point. The change in the Y axis crossover ensure that the last data points all get placed on a linear scale – which makes it easier to compare visually viz-a-viz free floating end points. And now my “value add” to Kaiser’s original chart – if you format and align the labels properly, you can achieve a table like structure. The more the data points, the merrier.

One drawback of this approach is that when the end points have an overlap, things can become a little cluttered.

Here are the steps involved

Once you’ve create a basic line chart, here are the steps:

Offset the Y Axis Crossover

Change the chart axis so that the Y axis crosses over at the last category. Bear in mind that you will have to carefully select only the last point in each series (try two slow clicks on the last point).

Provide a tooltip to the last point in each chart series


Turn on the chart labels

As in the previous point, select the last point of each series and then turn on both the series name and the data value. Additionally, we will have to specify that the separator between the two as a space rather than a new line.

That’s about it. And here we are with the finished product.


You can download an example of the chart here or click on the button below:

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