An Excel Chart’s Journey Across Versions

Sometime back I wrote a post on making control charts using Excel. The chart was initially created in Excel 2003. The chart consisted of the plot values, the average line and upper & lower control limits. While the main data series was a line chart, the average, upper and lower control limits were plotted as dots of an X-Y and then were extended into lines using the horizontal error bars. Shown below is a ...

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An Excel Chart's Journey Across Versions

Excel 2010 vs Excel 2007 : Basic Performance Test

Posted on 24 November 2009

Excel 2010 vs Excel 2007 : Basic Performance Test
My first impression of Excel 2010 was that it 'felt' faster than Excel 2007. So one of the first things that I did was to take it for a test ride. Now, I must admit, testing isn't my forte. A long long time back when I was a developer, I used to write horrible code. I had a fancy for declaring variables like i1, i11, i111 (and so on and so forth) and seldom wrote comments that could explain ...
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Slicer in Excel – The Pivot Table Remote Control

Posted on 20 November 2009

Slicer in Excel - The Pivot Table Remote Control
Slicer What is a Slicer? One can think of a slicer as an extension of a pivot table which makes the job of filtering the pivot table data easier. One shortcoming that pivot tables earlier had was that you could not control them remotely. Short of VBA, you could do things with pivot tables only when you had one in front of you. A slicer on the other hand acts as a 'remote control' for the pivot table. You can ...
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Sparklines in Excel – New Features in Excel 2010 Series

Posted on 19 November 2009

Sparklines in Excel - New Features in Excel 2010 Series
Excel 2010 introduces a new feature called sparklines. Sparklines are essentially miniature charts showing only the plot and pretty much nothing else (though you can turn on chart axis if you want). The advantages are obvious. In the same amount of space that it to present a normal excel chart with a handful of data points, you can pack a dozen or more sparkline charts. If used intelligently, the data loss due to absence of reference lines and ...
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Excel 2010 – Beta Review

Posted on 18 November 2009

Excel 2010 - Beta Review
Excel 2010 beta is out today. For those who read my review of Excel 2007, I mentioned that the chances of my being able to try out Excel 2010 anytime soon weren’t very high. Excel 2010, I thought at that time, and considering how Excel 2007 turned out, would simply be too big a resource hog to work with the hardware that my pc runs on. In that case I would have to give my faithful old pc ...
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