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Bonavista Systems Excel Dashboard Competition 2009

bonavista-systems-announces-2009-competitionBonavista systems, the makers of Microcharts, have invited entries for this years Excel Dashboard Competition. All you have to do is to present a dashboard which uses nothing more than Excel 2000 (or higher) and no other software other than Bonavista’s Chart tamer and micro charts. The dashboards are going to be judged on ‘the clarity and effectiveness of their design’. Entries can use any combination of tables, Excel charts, bullet graphs and MicroCharts.

Read more about the competition here : Bonavista Systems Competition 2009

The last date for submission is 19 July 2009. You can send in your entries to

1st prize – Amazon gift certificate for $100
2nd Prize – Stephen Few’s New Book “Now You see it”
3rd Prize – Edward Tufte’s classic book “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”

(Disclaimer: This is for informational purpose only. The author is not related to the company in any way.)

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