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Another step

There are three strong contenders competing for the market

 share of the RIA (Rich Internet Application) development market – JavaFX, Adobe AIR and Silverlight. All three are aimed at the same market but carry strong influences of the parent company. Take Adobe AIR for example – Adobe hit it big with Flash a few years ago and is now used in more than 92% of all websites. Adobe makes its bucks by offering a part of the API’s as open source and seling its IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Flex Builder at a hefty price. On the other side is Microsoft, well known for holding the API’s close to its heart, which learnt its lessons when .NET received a subdued acceptance from the wider development community. It now hopes that with SIlverlight, by offering a limited but free IDE to go with it, it can charm some of that developer base back. Java on the other hand has always been open source. Jave lives and breathes object orientation – and my love for that language is no small part due to this.

I am thinking that it would be good if I can pick up one of the three and take a shot at creating a few visualizations/apps of my own. Excel is easy to use and very flexible but then data visualization to become truly interactive, one needs to go further and explore new horizons.

I am downloading Netbeans with the Flex plugin. Kee your fingers crossed for some stunning results 🙂

(I hope it does’nt meet the same end as some of my new year resolutions)

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