DataBison is an attempt at analyzing problems and solving them using Excel and VBA.

I am Ajay – your host and an Excel fan. This blog acts as a repository of Excel related information and I hope you find the articles and posts useful, fun and informative. If you like what you find here or have any comments, suggestions or feedback, I’ll be happy to hear from you. You can write to me at
databison | at | gmail.com


1. Comments are welcome – a good discussion keeps life interesting.

2. I may or may not be able to respond to all the queries on time. At times I may be lazy and on others I may lack sufficient knowledge. And on a few rare occasions, I may actually be busy working !

3. Since a lot of stuff here is not exactly rocket science, there is more than a healthy chance that some of the ideas/programs that you see on this blog would been “discovered” by people earlier (and probably will be by others later). In many cases the original idea would have been propagated and echoed many times over before it finds a mention here. If you feel that anything mentioned here needs to credit the deserving original source (and doesn’t do so already), please feel free to let me know and you shall have my gratitude. On the other hand, if you want to take anything from this blog without mentioning the source, please feel free to do so – I will be more than happy that it was found useful.

4. Unless mentioned otherwise, everything on this site may be used freely and at your own risk.

5. This is a part blog and part experiment. You will often see things being changed, furniture moved, walls demolished and re-built – all with no prior notice. Bear with me.

6. This is out and out a practitioners blog and I am not an expert in this field. Any time you find me speaking like an expert, please feel free to point it out !


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