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A New Rig

Last week my computer broke down. This time, unlike previous occasions, it just wouldn’t resurrect itself. That rig was my first build and had been with me for the past eight years. It wasn’t a thoroughbred, a humble Duron (AMD) at heart but it had its fair share of adventures. All those impromptu college parties, those last minute project reports, getting hauled around in a rug-shack, a thousand tweaks to squeeze the last remaining MHz out of the processor, even starting this blog – all of that is a piece of dead silicon now 🙂

The good news is that a new system is taking its place. This one’s an AMD 965 BE with an ASUS 785V board – one of the fastest AMD has in quads and compares head to head with the Intel Core i5 750. Since both the 965BE and the i5 are at the same price point, the choice between the two finally boiled down to the motherboard – or rather the board specifications. The AM3 chipset from AMD is powerful and versatile and there are chances that AMD will stick with it for a while. Intel on the other hand has a panache for changing the board specs every few quarters. So from a point of view of future upgrades, AMD made more sense + that I’ve had the previous AMD for a few years – it was the cheapest processor around when I bought it eight years back and has served me faithfully ever since.

I hope you had great Christmas holidays. It’s the onset of winter here but being near the sea means that they are never too severe. I tend to prefer it that way (I am more of a summer person) but my better half likes to have hers chilled and would rather spend this time up north.

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